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posted by: Re'Onne on 11/15/2013

Hello my name is Re'Onne Montgomery I'm 20 years old and my boyfriend name is malcolm he is 23 years old we are in desperate need of prayer we have a 5month old daughter name Me'Onna these past couple of months our life has been turned upside down we i was laid off from my job and my boyfriend works 10 hours a week. Will u please pray that our struggling days come to an end we have went days at a time with no food with no help from family and out of the blue my government assistance was cancled. Somerimes i feel like ending my life im a mother and can't provide for my Child not being able to afford milk having to shop lift diapers because it's my only option. Please pray for me and my family i believe im on the verge of a nervous break down please pray to god And ask him to make me stronger for the,Sake of my child i really don't no why my life is,falling apart whydl does my Child have to suffer
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posted by: on 10/11/2013

Going through divorce. Please pray for perseverance to make it through this storm and continued ability to provide for my 5 children. May we always have food, shelter, clothing, health, and each other.
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pet helper and pets in dangerous
posted by: an on 9/27/2013

please say your prayer about pet helper Tory, she has donated all her money to charity and now she can loose her flat, her pets can be cruelly abandoned on cold street in some days. Some pets are blind. please pray for her and her pets to get an urgent help and warm safe shelter, so they could live long and happy! thank you
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prayer of agreement
posted by: Jerome Pierce on 9/20/2013

Prayer of agreement that my son Jerome Dezon Pierce will be Hired as a Cook at Churches Chicken restaurant on 3720 Austell Road SW. Marietta,GA.30008 He really needs that job to support his 3 Children. Thanks Brother Jerome Pierce
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Prayer Request Is For: my Health
posted by: Svetlana on 8/4/2013

Hello! I'm a Christian. Now I'm with cancer of the mammary glands and kidney disease. Pray for me that I became healthy, please.
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Seeking a church with a prayer meeting
posted by: Anonymous on 7/31/2013

Pray that I find a church that makes prayer a priority as evidenced by ongoing well attended prayer meetings by the congregants and focused on the presence of God, the person of Christ, and led by His Spirit.
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Prayer Request
posted by: Phil Chavez on 7/8/2013

Please Pray with all your faith that GOD will Bless me (Phil Chavez) with my Soul Mate as soon as it is possible with GOD.I've never had a girlfriend and been Praying and hoping for one for at least 18 years,I'm 41 years old now.Please Pray GOD Blesses me financially so i am able to by food and pay bills...Please also Pray GOD will put it in the hearts of multitudes upon multitudes of people to pray for my prayer requests ... Thank You....
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financial problems
posted by: an on 7/8/2013

please pray for pet helper leader Monica, she didn't have enough money for veterinary care, so she borrowed the necessary funds. Please pray for her to get a financial donations, so she could pay back the money and to help the homeless pets again! thank you
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misc. prayer requests
posted by: Ruth Dreher on 4/4/2013

Here is a listing of people who need prayer. I know it is a lot but if you feel led please pray for them. Monica and her 8 year old son, Aiden(niece of Ron & Char) Emily Mason and Michael Bass (friends of CH & Cheryl Fisher) Cindy Reese, David Reese, Patricea, Patrick, David, Jasmine and Rebeckah(Phillip and Penny Abraham's children) Caleb&Josh Lacey(their dad pastors in west Tulsa) Colton Roach and Lauren Rist (Michelle Huddleston, sister in law's son/girlfriend) PASTOR STEVE&CINDY'S FAMILY&FRIENDS DIANA'S FAMILY FIENDS SHERRY'S FAMILY CHARLIE&CHARITY'S FAMILY GAREY & WILM'S FAMILY PENNY LANHAMA'S FAMILY/FRIENDS RON&DIANE'S FAMILY JIM&FLORA'S FAMILY ANN'S FAMILY/FRIENDS NADINE'S FAMITLY/FRIENDS RANDY&TINA'S FAMILY MIKE&ALIX WASSON'S FAMILY/FRIENDS BILL&SAUNDRA EPPS FAMILY KATHY&ALAN LLOTD FAMILY LOHANNA'S FAMILY CAMILLA'S FAMILY SUZIE'S FAMILY JOAN ROAT'S FAMILY BILLY&DAWN HAMMON'S FAMILY SUE HILPERT'S FAMILY SUE LONG'S FAMILY KEVIN KONWELL'S FAMILY PAUL&RITHA ROMANS FAMILY ANGELA&JERRY LAMAR ANITA DOTSON DONNA EVERETT Please continue to pray for Milton Shepphard who is still recovering from kidney failure.He has made a lot of progress thanks to your prayer but he still needs to make a lot more progress. Please pray for my mom's foot fungus to heal and for her disability of arthritis to be healed. Please also pray for my understanding of what I read to improve as I love to read. My meds make it difficult sometims and i read about 5-8 hours a day. Charlie Swindoll is recovering positively from back surgery and still needs prayers to not be in pain anymore. Please also pray for Billie Joe who has two violent austistic sons who pulled a knife on her several times and threatened to stab her. She moved in with relatives and we are prayong for her too. Please pray that our evil neighbors either move out of the neighborhood or repent of their sins. We are standing on Psalms 37. Ruth Dreher ruthd5@cox.net
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posted by: on 3/17/2013

Mircle Blessin breakthrough
I will pray 54 people are praying.
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